Payday loans for Romanians: funding requirements for born in Romania

Receiving payday loans for Romanian citizens is quick and easy, if you know the right methods. Citizens born in Romania obviously have the right, as well as those born in other foreign countries, to take advantage of funding. Let’s see, therefore, what are the requirements required by the companies in the case of online loans to Romanians, what are the conditions of the loan and how to make the request online or by going to the branch.

Payday loans for Romanians: required requirements

Personal loans for Romanians: required requirements

If you are on this page it is because most likely you are Romanian citizens interested in receiving funding. So let’s look at a fundamental aspect related to funding, that is, the requirements necessary to access the credit you need. In fact, it is often far from simple to receive a loan for citizens born in Romania, precisely because of the guarantees that the bank requires before granting the loan.

The first requirement that is usually requested by the various companies is relative to the residence. This must be on Italian territory, or otherwise it will be necessary to present the regular residence permit. Basically this is the difference compared to what is required of Italian citizens. So let’s see what are the economic guarantees demanded by the companies at the time of the request for funding. The first is a document that attests to a continuous work activity. So let’s talk about the last paycheck or the employment contract, or in any case a similar document.

In the case of non-EU citizens, in addition to the residence permit, what will have to be demonstrated will be the carrying out of a work activity for a duration of not less than 6 months. As for Romanian citizens without a paycheck, in this case receiving a loan will be more complicated but not impossible. Many companies offer their customers the possibility of requesting a loan even without a paycheck. Obviously in this case you will be asked for alternative guarantees.

The first guarantee that we can present to the financial company to which we intend to apply is the presentation of a guarantor. In this case, a relative or a friend can take responsibility for ensuring for us, and in case of insolvency on our part we will pay the unpaid repayment installments. Alternatively, if you own a house, you can choose the property mortgage. In the event that you fail to repay the entire sum advanced by the bank, the latter may decide to auction your home, and from the sale obtain the missing amount for the total repayment of the sum.

Funding for Romanian citizens: all features

Funding for Romanian citizens: all features

If you are a citizen born or resident in Romania looking for a loan, what we advise is to inform you about the characteristics of the different products available on the market. In particular, in the list of companies offering loans, we point out a branch of the Transpor bank on the Italian territory, in particular in Rome. Relying on a bank with a strong presence of Romanian customers can be a huge advantage both from the practical point of view (possible problems with the Italian language) and economic, given the offers dedicated to the Balkan citizens.

Let’s see now what are the economic characteristics of payday loans, starting from the sum that we can request with them. The latter usually starts from a minimum of 1,000 to a maximum of 30,000 euros. The amount that can be requested will obviously depend on the customer’s income situation. As for the interest rates applied, products destined for non-EU immigrants usually belong to the family of fixed-rate loans. This means that Tan and Taeg will be defined at the time of signing the contract and will remain constant throughout the duration of the loan.

Once you have analyzed all the characteristics of the products offered by the different companies, perhaps comparing them by requesting a free estimate, all we have to do is present the loan request. Several companies offer their customers the possibility to request the desired financing completely online. So just follow the wizard, entering your personal data, the amount you need, the duration of the loan and all the documentation that will be required.